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Abortion Services: (We specialize in early abortions)

$550 5-11 weeks by ultrasound, which is 7-13 weeks by last menstrual period (LMP)

$650 12 weeks by ultrasound, (14 weeks LMP)

We also offer an Internet Discount. Please print this page to bring with you to your appointment and call the office for more information.

* Please note: all fees are subject to change. Call the office for the current charges.

Other Services:
$100 Ultrasound as pre-op (24 hr wait), applied to above fee
$50 Ultrasound dating if over 16 weeks
$50 MicRhogam/Rhogam fee for RH Negative patients
$10 Pap smear if done at the abortion
$20 Pre-op antibiotics for certain heart conditions
$50 Annual GYN exams, with pap and birth control
$50 Depo Provera (3 month shot)
$2-$20 Pregnancy test (depends on type of test)
$65 Emergency Contraception


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